Mad cow disease facts – What the world needs to be warned about

There are various mad cow disease facts that must be learned by many. These are all important most especially right now, the safety has to be heightened up to the best possible level. What should be learned about the disease anyway?

Mad cow disease will always be progressing as a neurological disorder. This is brought and transmitted by infectious prions. It was in the year 1970 when the first case of it was experienced and discovered. It was found out that it was again related to the prion which might have been the reason behind the scrapie. This normally occurs in sheep. The first major outbreak of it then became really popular. This was true as far as the mad cow disease was concerned. This was the idea in the UK for instance. What even became alarming is that there were more cases, 184,500 of them which have been identified too.

A strong relationship between that of human prion and cow disease has been put into finger. Just in the United States alone, there were four cattle which was pointed out to be having the infection. This was true for the mad cow disease prions. In Canada on the other hand, 20 cases have been filed under it. All of these happened.

Most of the time, two strains are being identified. The first one is the BSE strain, and the other is the atypical BSE strain. The atypical strain is the only one known for occurring spontaneously whenever it needs to.

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Various versions of cattle-feed bans were lifted. This would prohibit the feeding of cattle with any other food type. It is also strict with the ones that is cattle-derived, or compounds which are human-derived. In here, the idea is to help in the reduction of the disease. This is going to be realized upon the elimination of typical BSE strain prions transfer. This should not take place most especially on cattle.

Good thing, the spread of the mad cow disease in Canada and US reported a very low number only. But then, there were suggestions made by researchers saying that this may increase in a blink of an eye if many will not be careful. This is the challenge of it.

Indeed, BSE will always be related to the disease. This is the bovine spongiform encephalopathy. This would be the aftermath of any infection which is brought about by agents like prion, which has been mentioned earlier. There is ambiguity in here because the agent cannot be understood well. However, there is an accepted theory saying that the agent has been modified to a prion protein. Even if that is the case though, the reasons are not yet clear. This transpired because the protein alters from time to time. It may be a harmful one. This is why it can damage the nervous system of a cattle. In the year 2015, cases were still identified. This is alarming but controllable.