The Statue of Liberty Facts – Information you didn’t know

The Statue of Liberty serves as a tourist attraction in the US. However, more than that, there are still many Statue of Liberty facts that have to be learned by people who are interested in visiting the place. What are these?

On October 28, 1886, the statue was put into existence. It was assembled right on the pedestal from France. Basically, it was just sent to the United States. It is meant to commemorate the declaration of independence of the Americans. It was a gift from France. Since then, the statue is situated in the Liberty Island, New York harbor, in the United States.

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The Design and More

Frederic Bartholdi designed the statue. Upon looking at it, a female form would be sighted. This was a representation by the sculpture which was solely based on Libertas. Libertas was the liberty Roman goddess. She was popular for holding a torch, and then a tabula ansata wherein the declaration of American Independence was inscribed. On the feet of the said statue, a broken chain will be seen as well. From the ground, this may be difficult to see. However, it has always been there.

Officially, the Statue of Liberty was called the Liberty Enlightening the World. For quite number of times, this has been closed because it would be place for renovation. This transpired in the year 1984 and then another in 1986. This was the time when there was a replacement done in the internal structure of the statue. It may not be noticeable from the exterior but a modification was done somewhere in there.

In height, the Statue is of 151 feet. This is 46 in meters. When it comes to the length of the ground, to that of the torch, it is about 305 feet. Before, the head of this statue was seen in display at the World Fair. This occurred in 1878 at Paris.

Primarily, the United States had quite a hard time to fund the project. This was felt most especially after they experienced a crisis financially in 1873. This led to the initiation of a fundraising drive. This was fore fronted by then, a newspaper publisher, Joseph Pulitzer. This idea was immediately embraced by the majority of New Yorkers. This was why the work was pushed forward. Way back, the donation was not more than $1. Almost 80% of the donation accounted to that amount only.

Bledloe’s Island was the first name of the Liberty Island. In Las Vegas and Paris, it would be possible to stumble upon various replicas of the statue. This may also be true to other cities which are found all over the whole world.

For tourists and visitors, they will be asked to climb almost 354 stairs in order for the crown of the statue to be reached. Upon reaching the crown, almost 25 windows will be seen. Add to the 4m people who go to the said statue every year. This will be a great addition to your itinerary!