Georgia O Keeffe Facts – The Greatest Painter

Georgia O Keeffe will always be a popular painter. As a matter of fact, he was considered the greatest in the 20th century. This painter focused on flower canvases. The same was also true with southwestern landscapes. There are still many Georgia O Keeffe facts that have to be learned by many.

It was on the 15 of November, 1887 when Georgia O’Keeffe was given birth. This happened at Sun Prairie, just in Wisconsin. When she was still young, she got to study at the Art Institute of Chicago. It was the photographer Alfred Stieglitz who provided O’Keefe the ever first gallery show which was held in the 1916. Eventually, they became a couple in 1924. This encouraged O’Keeffe to move towards New Mexico. This occurred after the death and passing of her husband. After which, she got inspiration from landscapes. This was the push that she needed, causing her to create and design popular paintings. On March 5, 1986, she died.

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The said artist was given birth on the 15th of November, 1887. This was in Prairie, Wisconsin. She became popular in the industry she was in because of the striking and breath-taking flower paintings she was able to produce. The same was also true with captivating works. O’Keffee since then turned out to be a great American artist in the 20th century. She was even able to make art when she was just very young. She then pursued studying at the Art Institute of Chicago. She did this in the early 1900’s.

An advocate was suddenly found by O’Keffee through Alfred Stieglitz. He was a gallery owner and famed photographer during that time. The work of Georgia was then showed in the public through the help of Alfred. This took place in the year 1916. This happened at gallery 291. In the year 1924, they married. This enabled them to form a personal and professional partnership which lasted until he died in the year 1946. Among her popular works are Black Iris and Oriental Poppies. When she was still in New York, some of the environments were translated onto canvas. This was the inspiration behind the Shelton Hotel.

After the visit at New Mexico in the late 1920’s, Georgia had to move in the place for good. This was in the year 1946 after her husband died. The areas concerning rugged landscapes were explored this time. Such environment became the inspiration for Cow’s Skull and Black Cross.

Her Death

As mentioned, after her husband died, she permanently moved in Mexico. This was the reason why she also passed on the place on March 6, 1986. To be exact – this was in Santa Fe, Mexico. Since she was popular, most of her works became famous too after her passing. They were seen in museums all over the world. This was also true with the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. This was situated in Santa Fe, New Mexico too. Since then, her legacy was witness worldwide. Up until now, her unique masterpieces are still remembered.